After Trump’s successful meeting with the Mexican president on Wednesday, even Trump’s harshest critics had to admit that the optics were unmistakable: Trump looked presidential.

“There he was, there was a podium and another president, and A equals B equals si, si, señor, and you could really imagine him doing that again,” said Stephen Colbert.

Besides pretending to choke on the word “presidential” and cutting a few clips out of context, Colbert had no recourse by which to criticize Trump.

“This was excellent optics for the Trump campaign. I cannot imagine the Clinton folks are happy about this,” he said.

He then flashed to a scene from Poltergeist where a girl yells, “WHAT’S HAPPENING?”

What’s happening? Polls are tightening, and Trump’s acting presidential while Hillary hides. Buckle up, Colbert.

Watch the full clip here: