Following its digital release in May, the Michael Bay movie ’13 Hours’ is making so much money that it might surpass the amount it earned in theaters.

The Hollywood Reporter took a look at how much the movie about Benghazi has grossed: $52.9 million in theaters in America and $69.4 million in theaters worldwide.

But on “home video,” which includes DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download, it’s already up to $40 million.

Some have attributed the high numbers to the focus the Republican National Convention put on the real-life soldiers and mothers of the Benghazi battle.

This reporter coined the phrase “Trump bump,” which sort of sounds like a dance move Trump fans would do.

This Twitter user said what we are all thinking:

Though 13 Hours never names Hillary Clinton explicitly, those who have watched the movie say there is no way they can vote for the former Secretary of State after seeing how failed to act.