“Please, for the sake of the country, tell her: Stop lying.”

Ron Fournier pleaded with readers and Hillary Clinton (because she won’t read it) in a Tuesday column for The Atlantic to put an end to the Democratic candidate’s inconvenient habit of lying.

But Fournier doesn’t want Clinton to stop lying because it’s wrong. He wants her to tell the truth so voters will trust her just long enough to vote for the scandal-plagued politician.

He’s not just asking Clinton to stop pathologically lying to the media and the public, he’s asking the media and the public to ignore Clinton’s pathological lying, email scandal, changing positions, and obvious pandering.

Her dishonesty could push an unknown number of independent and undecided voters into Trump’s camp or toward a non-major-party candidate. If too many swing voters walk away from Clinton because she destroyed her credibility or because they don’t want to condone her behavior, the nuclear codes go to Trump.

That is why Clinton’s advisers, senior Democrats, and members of the liberal media need to stop covering for Clinton. Stop repeating her spin. Stop spreading her lies. Stop enabling her worse angels. It’s too late for Clinton to come clean, but honorable Democrats should at least insist that she stop muddying the water.

Wow. It almost seems he wants her to become a law-abiding citizen.

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