As Venezuelans starve and grocery store shelves stand bare, its government has spent tens of thousands of dollars to bake a massive cake for the birthday of dead dictator Hugo Chavez, according to Venezuelan press.

La Patilla, a popular news website in the country that often writes in opposition to the socialist government, is reporting the more than 200-pound cake is built as an “architectural replica” of Chavez’s mausoleum.

Socialism, the ideology of equality? Nope.

Indeed, it seems the ruling elite was able to get access to obscene quantities of ingredients, which the news website estimates altogether cost more than $65,000 or 650,000 Bolivars (the Venezuelan currency).

La Patilla reports the cake was made from 720 eggs, 44 gallons of milk, 50 pounds of butter, 200 pounds of flour and 200 more pounds of sugar.


“All this does not count the cost of the vanilla used to give flavor, the egg whites for the frosting, the food coloring, the ingredients for the exterior dough and the decorations,” La Patilla reports.

Now remember, this is the country that is rationing electricity and setting up plans for its citizens to work the fields due to extreme food shortages.

Something tells me that those food shortages aren’t affecting the elites.

One phrase comes to mind:

You’dthink the Venezuelans would have learned from history that cake, of all things, is bad for optics when your people are starving.