In an interview with The Daily Caller, Scott Brown had some harsh words for his former rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

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Calling her a “fraud,” he tore into her record in the Senate and her hypocrisy in criticizing some of the same activities that she herself has engaged in.

His case was four-fold:

1. Heritage

Elizabeth Warren “is not a Native American” and “has failed to disclose any evidence whatsoever” that she is, said Brown.

2. Flipping Houses

According to Brown, Warren has criticized Donald Trump “for doing the very same thing that she has done her whole lifetime—flipping houses.”

3. Representing “the little guy”

“Representing the little guy? Well, she represented the large corporate interest in the LTV Steel situation and pensioners who were trying to get their pension.”

4. Ineffective in the Senate

“She’s in a role that’s an attack dog, and what people reference back home is that she’s been there almost a full term–she’s passed no pieces of legislation. All she does is yell and scream at people, hold hearings and then put it on YouTube and raise money.”


But he saved his harshest words for Hillary Clinton, who he says “basically wants to tax you to death and change the entire fabric of the country.”

“Guys, take your purses and wallets and send them to Washington,” he said, “because they’re like drunken sailors, they’ll spend your money.”

Watch the full takedown HERE.

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