The oppressive heat, the insufficient places to buy food and water, the long walking distances and the multiple evacuations from the media tent due to severe thunderstorms: the Democratic National Convention is a logistical disaster.

But perhaps one of the most egregious parts of the DNC comes in its sole “all-gender” bathroom, placed directly next to media row.

What a coincidence!

That’s right, the DNC converted one of the women’s restrooms into a gender-neutral bathroom by sticking a sign on the wall.

Reporters looking for scoops were quick to jump on the story, staking out the bathroom and watching if any uniquely-gendered people walked in.

“The Daily Caller News Foundation observed the restroom for a brief period and saw no obviously transgender people use it. Instead it was mostly used by cisgender women, along with a handful of men.”

From the Washington Free Beacon:

“No transgender individuals were spotted using the restroom, but it was being used by both male and female reporters, as well as some cameramen. The bathroom is closest to the media section of the arena.”

One journalist even had an encounter with a woman who refused to use the all-gender bathroom:

So let’s get this straight. There’s only one total bathroom that transgender people can use at the Wells Fargo Arena, and two news agencies did not see a single transgender person use it?

It seems like maybe the Democrats are making a big deal out of something that’s not a big deal.

Twitter users had some thought-provoking responses to the news:

Some think the DNC is even being a bit hypocritical in its messaging. As Twitchy pointed out yesterday, why even have segregated bathrooms at all?

One thing is for sure: