Hillary Clinton’s vetting process was a little excessive, to say the least.

According to POLITICO, anyone who was considered as a VP pick on the Clinton ticket had to:

  1. Turn over every password to any social media accounts held by every family member.
  2. List every piece of property they’ve ever owned.
  3. Turn over copies of every resume they might have sent out in the past ten years.
  4. List every business partner they’ve ever had.
  5. Name every gift they have ever received.
  6. Be willing to engage in five weeks of questions and limitless follow-ups
  7. Meet with campaign chairman John Podesta and lawyer Jim Hamilton.
  8. And finally, pitch to Hillary an answer to her simple question: “Why do you want the job?”

Reactions from Twitter were on point, as usual:

Sounds like a thorough vetting job, but does that explain why her VP pick thinks she should face consequences for mishandling classified information?

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