Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s new pick for vice presidential candidate, speaks Spanish fluently—something that liberals have swooned over since he was chosen on Friday.

In Kaine’s first speech to the country as Clinton’s running mate, he addressed the Miami audience in a mix of English and Spanish. But some comments he made in Spanish are raising eyebrows.

He greeted the crowd, seen in the beginning of this video:

“¡Bienvenidos a todos! ¿Bienvenidos a todos en nuestro pais, verdad? ¡Porque somos Americanos todos!” Kaine said.

“Welcome everyone,” Kaine said in Spanish. “Welcome to everyone in our country, right? Because we are all Americans!”

This is an odd sentiment. Kaine seems to be implying that we should welcome absolutely everyone to the United States. And that everyone who comes should be able to stay.

Given this comment, then, what he said next should not surprise anyone:

“In the Senate, we did this three years ago. And we are still waiting for the House of Representatives to have a debate or a vote on … immigration reform. So we are going to work together on that in the first hundred days of the administration.”

Did Kaine just promise wide-sweeping amnesty? Twitter users responded:

This person had a different take:

Someone even found proof in the DNC email leak that the party is trying hard to appeal to Latinos.

Let’s be real, the fact that Kaine speaks Spanish really changes nothing about politics in the United States.

Editor’s note: This has been corrected to report that Tim Kaine is Senator and not Governor of Virginia.