While we were all focused on the Republican National Convention, Hillary Clinton launched a Spanish-language Twitter account and website in possibly her biggest and most transparent move to pander to Hispanic voters yet.

“We present ‘Hillary in Spanish!,’ a new account to share information with you about this presidential campaign,” the first tweet reads.

Clinton has had staffers writing tweets in Spanish for her official Twitter account for months, but this new account specially dedicated to Latino outreach was launched Wednesday. Her campaign also created a Spanish-language voter registration webpage.

This Twitter user says what we’re all thinking:

Her campaign also put out a few morally righteous statements with thinly-veiled digs at Republican nominee Donald Trump.
Translated, one press release reads:

“During the last year, we have seen divisive, offensive and hateful language directed at many of us who speak Spanish and also toward many of us who don’t. Our voices will not be silenced, whether they are in English, Spanish, or any other language. This account is a reminder that it doesn’t matter the language you speak; the values that unite us as human beings transcend the intolerant ideas about us and how we should speak.”

Another statement paints Clinton as an angelic, loving figure, reading in part, “Hillary Clinton recognizes that diversity and multiculturalism [are some] of the greatest strengths of our country… Here at the Hillary campaign, we respect tolerance, inclusion and diversity. This is the spirit behind @Hillary_esp.”

With Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, who speaks Spanish fluently, rumored to be on Clinton’s shortlist for vice presidential candidates, you have to wonder if this new Twitter account is part of a renewed push to get the Latino vote.

Twitter users reacted strongly to the news of Clinton’s newest pandering scheme.

Many of the people she wanted to impress didn’t seem to be buying what she’s selling. Many tweets called her a liar or saw right through her ploy.

“Lying old woman! Give up the Spanish, you only want our vote. Witch!” the tweet reads.

A few more criticized her record as Secretary of State, proving Hispanics care about a variety of issues—something the Clinton campaign doesn’t seem to understand, as every one of the twelve tweets on her new account talks about immigration.

“You destroyed Libya and Syria, Hillary. You are as dangerous as the fascist Trump.”

“First explain Benghazi, explain your emails, explain the increase in your bank accounts. And learn something in Spanish.”

Hillary isn’t putting very much faith in the intelligence of those voters she cares so much about.

This tweet really hits the nail on the head: