As we all know, the most effective way to promote love and unity is to call half the population ignorant bigots. Nineties rock band Third Eye Blind put this truth into practice on Tuesday, taking a “heroic” stand against its mostly Republican audience.

“Raise your hand if you believe in science!” the lead singer, Stephan Jenkins, yelled to the crowd.

What an edgy and non-patronizing thing to ask of an audience! We should all applaud Jenkins for his unwavering commitment to science education.

The band also eschewed its biggest hits like “Semi-Charmed Life” for songs with overtly political messages, like “Non-Dairy Creamer.” This song includes such unifying lyrics as “The guy in the pulpit is a bigot.”

I’m glad Jenkins found the courage to share his novel message with the audience.

There were mixed reactions to this publicity stunt valiant crusade for justice.

Some took issue with the fact they were politically posturing at a charity event.

Others blamed the GOP.

But perhaps the cogent reaction came from this Facebook user, who asked why the band chose to do the show in the first place:

Great job, Third Eye Blind. But you might want to remember one thing: in the immortal words of Michael Jordan, “Republicans buy sneakers too.”


Nope … still douchey! Third Eye Blind attempts to ‘clarify’ their GOP-trashing concert