After Melania Trump’s much-talked about speech at the Republican National Convention, it seems that attendees had had enough, leaving the convention floor in a mass exodus.

Only one problem: more people were scheduled to speak after Donald Trump’s wife.

Sen. Joni Ernst, a veteran and the first female elected to statewide office in Iowa, was one of the people who spoke to a nearly-empty arena.

Making matters worse, many of the previous speeches in the evening ran long, resulting in Ernst being booted past 11 p.m. and out of the prime-time news slot.

Twitter reacted strongly to the photos of the empty stadium:

RNC officials weren’t happy that Ernst had been pushed back, and some tied this snafu to larger evidence that the Trump campaign is disorganized.

One user did point out that by the time Ernst’s speech finally rolled around, attendees were too tired to stay and watch.

In her speech, Ernst criticized President Obama’s weak foreign policy and argued for a stronger stance against ISIS, noting that Donald Trump “will not hesitate to call radical Islamic terrorism by its name.”