Yard signs weren’t enough for this Trump fan.

Leslie Rossi of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania made her entire house a billboard for Trump when she painted her home to match the American flag.

Rossi, a mother of eight, restores old buildings for a living, but none of her renovations have been quite as attention-grabbing as this one.

“We’ll get a lot of honks and waves,” Rossi explained to CBS Pittsburgh. “Sometimes I’ll get a thumbs down. But we’ll just wave anyway. Sometimes they’ll yell for the candidate they’re for, if it’s different.”

Though not everyone agrees with Rossi’s choice in candidate, we’ve yet to see someone on the other side who’s as enthusiastic for Hillary. I guess it’s hard to get excited for someone who just lectures you and tells you all the ways America is bad.

On the rare occasion that you do see one, however, there’s a simple way to tell the difference.