Because 14-year olds are bastions of truth and wisdom, the internet has gone wild over middle schooler Royce Mann’s poem “White Boy Privilege.”

“Dear everyone who isn’t a middle- or upper-class white boy: I’m sorry,” he says, listing the ways his privileges have advantaged him in society.

The whole thing is a liberal’s dream. Royce told Fusion that he wrote it after taking a required class called “Race, Class and Gender.”

Watch it here, if you dare:

Reactions were…well, mixed.

But we’ve got to give it up to Ben Shapiro for the best response to this madness. Speaking on his radio show, Shapiro unleashed an epic rant exposing all the insidious inaccuracies in the teenager’s poem.

Let me explain something to you, stupid 14-year old child. Everyone in life–everyone–is born in a different circumstance. All the people are born in different circumstances. Yes, some of those are better, yes, some of those are worse… But it matters where you end up in life and what direction you’re going, not where you started. If you think that where you started is where you end up, then you’re living in a tyranny.

If you think that where you started should not determine where you end up, then you’re in favor of freedom and you should get out of the way, instead of just wandering around talking about how lack of privilege is an unalterable burden that you can’t overcome, that you’re just stuck. If you’re born without privilege, then you’re just stuck.

He went on to say that it’s your job to make sure you succeed in life, not the government’s, and that it’s certainly not the government’s job to correct “cosmic imbalances.”

Of course people are born with different privileges: they’re born with two parents instead of one parent; they’re born rich instead of poor; they’re born smart instead of stupid.

This happens.

This doesn’t mean that the solution to that is to simply apologize for your privilege and then suggest that privilege is unalterable and you’re stuck where you are.

Shots fired.

Listen the full epic rant HERE: