The FBI proved that Hillary was a liar. She lied about why she used a private server, she lied about not sending classified information through it, and she lied about handing over all her emails.

Her lies were so obvious that even liberals caught the hint.

hillary what_new

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah railed against her lies, yelling, “Did Hillary tell the truth about ANYTHING?”

Here’s an excerpt:

Hillary’s entire campaign has been the idea that she is the responsible candidate, sound judgement, disciplined, dependable. Hillary Clinton is basically the Volkswagen of– candidates. She’s the efficient practical choice that’s been in the game for years and now, just like Volkswagen turns out there is a whole lot of [bleep] She’s been hiding from us.


On the Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore had a panel discussion/thumb-sucking ring as his liberal guests tried to come to terms with their corrupt queen’s lies.

“I was leaning towards Hillary because Trump [is] horrible, but now I’m like, UGH,” complained guest Rory Albanese.

Welcome to reality, liberals! Hillary’s lies are only going to get more obvious from here.

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