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One man has gone to extreme lengths to prove that the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in 2015 technically legalizes any kind of marriage—even with machines.

Here’s your bizarre news story for the day: Chris Sevier was denied a license to marry his computer, and now he is filing a federal lawsuit against Kentucky clerk Kim Davis (remember her?).

His logic is that if a same-sex marriage is allowed, a marriage with his laptop should be too.


The conservative group Liberty Counsel said the lawsuit is “frivolous” and it makes “a mockery out of marriage.”

Oddly, Sevier actually opposes gay marriage. It “is obviously an attempt to punk the legal system,” a Florida paper said.

Sevier’s license to practice law was suspended in 2011 for “mental infirmity or illness,” and he’s filed similarly weird suits in the past.

“He sued Apple for selling him the computer he now wants to marry [and] tried to sue A&E for suspending Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson,” USA Today reported. He even filed the same laptop suit in Texas and Florida, but judges tossed them out.