In response to President Obama’s comments about gun control Monday following the Orlando terrorist attack, conservative commentator Dana Loesch unleased an epic storm of tweets exposing the hypocrisy of the president’s statements.

In a press conference, Obama seemed to imply that the Orlando attack was the fault of guns, not the radical Islamic ideology terrorist Omar Mateen espoused:

“The fact that we make it this challenging for law enforcement, for example, even to get alerted that somebody who they are watching has purchased a gun — and if they do get alerted, sometimes it’s hard for them to stop them from getting a gun — is crazy. It’s a problem.

And we have to, I think, do some soul-searching.”

Obama continued, arguing that Mateen wouldn’t have committed the attack if he couldn’t buy the guns he used to kill 49 people.

“We make it very easy for individuals who are troubled or disturbed or want to engage in violent acts to get very powerful weapons very quickly. And that’s a problem.”

Loesch, a prominent Second Amendment advocate, took fault with Obama’s mock-heroic comment on “soul-searching.”

She then took to Twitter:

She continued with eight more tweets with similar wording:

Dana Loesch for president, anybody?