Sunday’s horrific events in Orlando brought about fear, mourning and unfortunately political agendas. Well-known figures commonly use tragedies in order to push their agendas forward.

Kim Kardashian West, queen of reality TV, took to Twitter to push for gun control.

She then continued to support her opinion with weak allegations. Very impressive Ms. West.

Just because someone has a popular TV show and money to spare doesn’t mean they know what is best for the country. How safe do you feel around your multiple ARMED body guards? This sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

Responses to Ms. West’s tweets put her in her place:

Let’s not forget 2013 when Kim posted a photo of her diamond covered handgun mere months following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.


The reality star almost immediately took down the picture after backlash from the public.

It’s obvious the reality star is just searching for attention when she addresses political issues and continues to prove her hypocrisy.