When Hillary Clinton ran for Senate in 2000, honesty was one of the biggest issues of the campaign. Clinton claimed that she “didn’t mislead anyone” about the Monica Lewinsky scandal…despite the fact that she most assuredly did.

Lazio’s response was epic.

“What’s so troubling here with respect to what my opponent just said, is somehow that it only matters what you say when you get caught. And character and trust is about well more than that. And blaming others every time you have responsibility? Unfortunately that’s become a pattern, I think, for my opponent.”

“It only matters what you say when you get caught”—does that sound familiar? “Blaming others every time you have responsibility”? Mrs. “What difference does it make?” Clinton brings corruption and scandal to everything she touches, and not once has she taken responsibility for the havoc she’s caused.

Lazio predicted every sordid aspect of Hillary’s career. From Benghazi to her private email server, she’s avoided responsibility at every turn.

Lazio told us what to expect.

If only we had listened.