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Facebook and Twitter erupted into liberal-on-liberal warfare after Clinton supporter Zoe Dunning posted this picture of Bernie Sanders from a Memorial Day Service, noting his tired appearance.

Dunning ended her post of Sanders with, “There is nothing I can really add here. #imwithher” This actually added a lot, since Dunning clearly knew she was endorsing Hillary Clinton, but it also sparked a debate over whether Sanders was disrespectful for tilting his head forward.

“So I’m a Hillary support and when Hillary screws up I say so as do many other Hilary supporters …which is fair of anyone seeking election to public office….but when Bernie screws up People get so upset of criticism,” commented Facebook user Jack Callahan.

Supporters of all candidates argued on Twitter over whether it was okay for Sanders to allegedly nap during a ceremony which he spoke at.

“I’m the former chairman of the U.S. Senate committee on veterans affairs,” Sanders said in his speech. “I’m looking out for the needs of veterans the needs of those families, who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

“‘I respect Veterans between naps! I am Bernie Sanders and I endorse this message’!” Tweeted Abe Froman. a Trump supporter.

Here’s the post text and some of the Facebook responses below:

However some Sanders supporters also suggest he isn’t sleeping at all.

Could this be how he poses when he’s reading his program?

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