“Don’t ask, don’t tell” may not be acceptable for discussing the LGBT community, but apparently it still applies when discussing immoral actions of teachers. Dean Paterakis, a school board candidate, spoke at a meeting Tuesday which dealt with LGBT issues.

The discussion revolved around the speech used for LGBT individuals. However, Paterakis wanted to bring up a more pressing problem.

Apparently, a teacher had shown a personal, lewd image from his phone to his students. But when the topic came up, board chairman Andy Ziegler cut the speaker off, demanding he be “civil,” before sending several police officers to restrain Paterakis.

Paterakis pleaded for his allotted three minutes at the microphone, before sitting down while the crowd chanted, “Let him speak.”

Instead of letting him exercise his right to free speech, the board had the police carry Paterakis out of the room. Ziegler also threatened to clear the room if the crowd continued protesting.

The so-called ‘public’ meeting continued with its discussion of speech regarding LGBT individuals, while Paterakis sat in a jail cell until his wife picked him at 3 a.m.

Here’s the full clip of Paterakis’ speech and Ziegler’s response: