Millennials are continually being beat up on social media. We’re known as the super self-absorbed, over-the-top, kumbaya-singing, peaceful yet lazy generation. Older generations have made it very clear that we don’t understand what it’s like to work hard. We expect everything handed to us.

At least so they say.

#MillennialMusicals is another way Baby Boomers have taken to social media to lump all Millennials together.


The struggle of internet dating.

Gotta give this guy credit. He’s right. Tons of student loan debt and very few jobs. I guess those women and gender studies degrees might be just slightly useless.


We must be throwing a tantrum because we want to be able to move out of our parent’s house and still have enough money to feed ourselves. Crazy!

Not all of us believe in that junk.

And this one is just the epitome of being a Millennial, sadly.

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