Once Donald Trump won the presidential election last week, it seemed as if everyone had a story about how Trump supporters had abused them. Turns out most of those stories have turned out to be exaggerations, not related to Trump, or just plain lies.

Between this and Democrats paying people to protest, good luck convincing America that you’re in touch with the issues that really matter.

Here are 7 of the most egregious fake stories:

1) Fake hijab attack in Louisiana.


A student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette falsified a story that she was attacked for wearing a hijab. Police quickly determined that she had fabricated the story.

2) Student hands out deportation notices at school.


A California community was outraged over a student who was passing out “deportation notices.” Of course, it was just a poorly timed joke, not a hate crime.

3) Hollywood gets in on the action.


Brutally beaten by Trump supporters because he’s gay? Or a filmmaker who just happens to specialize in special effects and makeup? Nice try.

4) Even the media wants to believe it.



Mic reporter Sarah Harvard went on Twitter to share a personal anecdote that had allegedly happened to her friend’s sister. So far the police have been unable to find any evidence of the incident, which led Harvard to issue a statement condemning false reports.

5) More fake attacks, more deleted accounts.



A University of Minnesota student claimed she was “stopped in my [tracks] by a white male, who yelled at me to ‘Go back to Asia.’

…I pretended to not hear anything and continue[d] on walking since I didn’t want to create conflict,” Tu, who noted she is Asian-American, wrote in the post on her personal Facebook page.

“Shortly after that moment, I was stopped by that same man who told me ‘Don’t you know it’s disrespectful to walk away from someone when they are talking to you?”

University of Minnesota Police reported there were no records of the incident and that they weren’t involved. The student has since deleted her Facebook page and appears to have fabricated the story.

6) Getting caught in her own lie.


An African-American woman claimed “four males, all Caucasian” harassed and threatened her with racial slurs. She claimed that they had all been caught, but there’s just one problem. Local police claim there are zero reports of this incident ever occurring.

7) When a joke turns into something more.


Elon University students woke up to a “hateful note” that said “Bye Bye Latinos”. It was actually written as satire by a Latino student, but not before the university and community overreacted.

Do us all a favor, and stop trying to make things worse than they really are.

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