As Democrats riot and celebrities complain about not really moving to Canada, few can match the kind of blunt, old-fashioned advice America needs like former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe.

When a disillusioned fan asked him to talk about the shock of Tuesday’s election, Rowe responded in the only way he knew how…with the honest truth:

“Dirty Jobs didn’t resonate because the host was incredibly charming,” Rowe wrote. “It wasn’t a hit because it was gross, or irreverent, or funny, or silly, or smart, or terribly clever. Dirty Jobs succeeded because it was authentic. It spoke directly and candidly to a big chunk of the country that non-fiction networks had been completely ignoring. In a very simple way, Dirty Jobs said “Hey — we can see you, to millions of regular people who had started to feel invisible. Ultimately, that’s why Dirty Jobs ran for eight seasons. And today, that’s also why Donald Trump is the President of the United States.”

“I know people are freaked out, Carol. I get it. I’m worried too. But not because of who we elected. We’ve survived 44 Presidents, and we’ll survive this one too. I’m worried because millions of people now seem to believe that Trump supporters are racist, xenophobic, and uneducated misogynists. I’m worried because despising our candidates publicly is very different than despising the people who vote for them.”

Well said.

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