Too far? Not far enough? With less than five days until Election Day, we’ve clearly reached a point in politics where anything is possible.

During a segment on MSNBC, NC GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse held up a pair of handcuffs, arguing that Hillary Clinton could appear in them on Inauguration Day.

“The Democrats have a depression problem. You know why? It’s very simple. Their candidate, if elected, could have these on Inauguration Day,” he said, holding up the handcuffs.

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson seemed surprised to see Woodhouse actually bring a pair of handcuffs to a live broadcast, and responded:

“Is this the kind of rhetoric you want to be seeing five days out from an election? You’re holding up handcuffs on our air here,” MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson responded.

Watch the full exchange below:

After the segment aired, Dallas Woodhouse’s brother, who is president of the pro-Clinton super PAC Correct the Record, went on Twitter to apologize to the host.