They don’t call CNN the Clinton News Network for nothing.

During an appearance on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, CNN political analyst Van Jones claimed that Republicans in Congress would be committing treason if they kept a promise to obstruct Hillary Clinton’s agenda as president.

And Van Jones wasn’t just talking about refusing to confirm Hillary’s Supreme Court nominees. When asked about the newest email scandal revelations, Jones claimed that would also be an act of treason.

“You know, listen, they have forgotten the difference between being a party of opposition and a party of obstruction. There’s great honor in being a party of opposition, you know, saying, “Listen, we think your ideas are wrong. We can make them better.” But when you just stop the entire government from functioning, there’s a word for that: treason. That’s the word. That’s treason. You have to do your job. You have to do your job. You take an oath. Period.”

We shouldn’t be surprised that Jones doesn’t want another email investigation:

This is, after all, the man who joked about Mike Pence’s plane skidding on a runway:

Keep it classy, CNN.