Earlier this month, Dallas resident Michael Harris was driving with his 7-year-old daughter in the front seat when Officer Mike Collins pulled him over.

Harris informed the officer that he was a concealed carry license holder and asked Collins if he wanted to take it, to which Collins informed him that wouldn’t be necessary.

The exchange woke up Harris’ daughter, Mikylie, who started to cry upon seeing the officer.

“She’s seen a lot of stories on the news and one time she asked me why black people and white people are killing each other, I didn’t know what to say,” Harris told WFAA.

The two men teamed up to calm Harris’s daughter, with Officer Collins allowing Mikylie to play with the lights and explore his patrol car.

“It meant a lot to see him take the time,” Harris said.

“Hearing ‘Thank you for doing your job’ meant so much,” Collins said. “It’s a pleasure to see someone raising their children so well. It renews your hope in humanity. Mr. Harris is an excellent dad.”