During a routine postal service route during a rainy, stormy day in Pensacola, Florida, postman Glenn Corbett noticed that a funeral procession was headed in his direction.

Instead of going about his business and just ignorning the procession, Corbett decided to pay his respects in the most patriotic way imaginable.

He got out of his mail truck and removed his helmet.

Carole Chase-Draughan, who noticed Glenn Corbett paying respects to her WWII veteran father, was so moved by the gesture that she took a quick photo and posted it onto her Facebook wall:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.26.38 AM

After the photo went viral, many Pensacola natives began sharing their own stories of Glenn Corbett and his generosity:

“Not sure if he’s still involved, but for a long time Glenn helped coordinate the Stamp Out Hunger food drive for Manna Food Pantries. He’s not only patriotic, but he’s incredibly compassionate and really cares about this community! Way to go Glenn!”>