After enduring constant cyber bullying from a boy at a neighboring high school, a California teenage girl became fed up with the attacks and tracked down the bully at his school.

No one knew what to expect when this mysterious girl in a dress suddenly appeared on the campus. We’re sure they thought the bully would easily overpower her if things escalated.

He didn’t see her secret weapon coming:

It turns out the girl had been training as a MMA fighter and knew how to handle herself in a fight.

Later it was reported that the boy suffered a black eye and a bruised ego (something for him to think about while it heals!)

While the school released a statement condemning the altercation and have asked for help tracking down the girl, if they had done enough to stop the bullying in the first place – incidents like these wouldn’t need to happen.

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There’s nothing better than seeing a bully get put into his place, do you agree?