The anti-gun Left wants you to think that America has a gun problem. From President Obama’s town hall last night to Hillary Clinton taking credit for Obama’s executive orders, it has become increasingly clear that the 2nd Amendment is under assault.

Despite President Obama’s best efforts, most Americans weren’t convinced by his theatrical speech filled with misleading gun statistics.

Bearing Arms nails exactly what was wrong with President Obama’s speech:

“A bitter Barack Obama has been reduced to pushing his Executive Branch powers to the the breaking point with a series of “executive orders” that the White House finally outlined last night.

They range from open lies, to empty threats, to harassment, to a few things that might actually be very beneficial to some gun owners, to a Orwellian scheme that could get many law enforcement officers and military servicemen killed.”

In response to the anti-gun crowd’s outrageous lies, this awesome meme has been making its way around the internet to set the record straight:


The next time an anti-gunner tries to quote you with their favorite “fact”, show them the truth behind this grossly falsified statistic.