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Bear brackets busted? CBS cries over chonky creature cancellation

(David Grubbs,/Billings Gazette via AP. File)

We could be wrong, but we think that Sir Mix-a-Lot once said 'I like big bears, and I can not lie.' We like fat animals. In fact, there is an entire holiday devoted to the pre-hibernation fattening of the bear population of Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. During Fat Bear Week, the National Park Service partners with to provide live cams and allow virtual visitors to vote for their favorite.


From the article:

'Hopefully a lapse doesn't occur,' a spokesperson for the National Park Service told CBS News on Friday. 'However, should a lapse happen, we will need to postpone Fat Bear Week. ... We will need to further evaluate plans depending on how long it takes for Congress to fund parks.'

X had interesting responses to the earth-shattering news.

Funny, Paula, this writer had the very same question. It should be noted that the only funding at risk here is to American workers. It's never foreign aid that gets put on the chopping block in a government shutdown, but rather the American government employee that has to sacrifice when faced with a congressional pissing match.


This is funny. If you missed it, Twitchy covered CBS's unique measuring standards earlier today.

This writer is certain that they are sitting around crying about it. After all, whose den will get the fattest bear trophy?

Some used the news as an excuse for a double entendre.

The overwhelming sentiment, though was a resounding 'meh.'

This writer had to check as well. Honestly, we've never understood why national parks have to shut down when the government does. It's not as if the outside will cease to be healthy, educational, or beautiful without government funds. Sure, the rangers and other park employees might not be there, but nobody's going to turn off the waterfalls and put the trees into storage until the government reopens. We will admit that the livestreams are fun, but we're willing to live without them while the government gets its fiscal house in order. Don't worry, the bears will still be fat when the paychecks resume for American park workers.



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