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David Hogg argues for Biden’s re-election because he 'was once a young person' and other dumb reasons

Everyone's favorite Harvard graduate, David Hogg, seems to be simping harder for Biden than ever with his latest 'brag' on 'young people.'


The rest of his post is as follows:

More progress on all the above issues in three years than the past 30. This is not simply because Biden cares about young people it’s because our generation has real power. Biden knows he can’t win without the youth vote- especially young people of color.  While he’s limited with a divided congress and a corrupt Supreme Court he’s managed to get more done than any president in decades with razor thin margins.  It can be hard to imagine but Biden was once a young person he was elected to the senate when he was 29. He has over 50 years of experience. When voting what I want most is someone who can deliver and Biden has. This because he’s done a remarkable job integrating progressives into leadership. When we match the passion of the progressive movement with his experience it’s a recipe for success. When he was first elected I was very doubtful of how much could really happen I am happy to be proven wrong. If he was doing a bad job, as someone who does not shy away from publicly criticizing the party or president would tell you. But honestly Biden and especially his incredible staff and made it work.  March for our lives and many others demanded action, protested and Biden has listened, we aren’t going away but i wanted to give credit where it is due.

Putting aside the fact that Biden has been in office longer than many of us have been alive, the list of accomplishments that Davey provides here is nightmare fuel. This writer has rarely heard anyone more excided about voting away their freedom as Hogg.


He did have a few cheerleaders in his corner.

Now this writer is going to have nightmares.

Oh yes, the 'everyone who says something I don't like is a troll or bot' defense.

Please bring some sanity back.

Thankfully there were many people who recognized some of the errors with Hogg's list.

This writer snort-laughed.

Essentially the list of 'successes' that Hogg presents here are unconstitutional, irresponsible, inflationary, and overreaching. Let's face it, unless something is done, and this writer doubts that it will be, the country will be paying for the Biden Administration's 'accomplishments' for generations to come. After all, the closest thing to immortality that currently exists is a government program.


One user provided another list.

One can hope that the voters remember THAT list come next November.


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