I never thought I would say this, but this campus protest is a breath of fresh air.

Yesterday, Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina hosted speaker Janaya Khan, a founding member of the Black Lives Matter movement in Toronto. Khan in the past has explicitly labeled Black Lives Matter as “a movement that is inherently anti-police.”

The CCU Conservatives student group set up outside the event in order to protest BLM’s anti-law enforcement rhetoric and divisiveness. Said one of the protesters about Khan’s invitation:

We need to focus on people who bring us together as a nation and not people who divide us further.

That’s not all that made this student protest dramatically different from those of self-proclaimed social justice groups.

While students at Mizzou brought hostility and fear, CCU Conservatives did not interrupt Khan, attempt to shut down the event, or scream and stomp their feet. They even stayed inside their ridiculous roped-off “free speech zone”, a favorite tool of universities looking to abridge free expression.

Here’s what a respectful demonstration looks like:


Students on both sides of campus debates should opt for this kind of approach to protesting, one that is effective while maintaining some mutual respect. This is how you do it.