Hillary Clinton did not want to hear this question. During yesterday’s campaign rally at SUNY Purchase, New York, an activist from the environmental group Greenpeace confronted Clinton over her support from the fossil fuel industry.

Here’s what happened next:


In the last couple weeks the mood of the Democratic race has certainly darkened, with Clinton’s chief strategist going as far as threatening to boycott debates until Bernie Sanders changes his “tone.”

It’s clear that Clinton is becoming increasingly annoyed with Bernie Sanders’ persistence. Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post explained that point well this morning, pointing out that she’s pretty much stuck until the primaries finally launch her over that magic delegate number of 2,383.

But what happened to not trying to alienate the socialists in the party? As it turns out, that’s easier said than done. Since the above exchange, Clinton’s detractors have copped her outburst and turned their frustration back on her, with the hashtag #ImSoSick


If Mrs. Clinton is so sick of people lying, maybe she should stop setting such a good example.