The creepy cult of personality surrounding socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just got creepier.

Several users of the online dating app Tinder have found their accounts locked by app administrators due to their bizarre political harassment of the people who they have “matched” with on the site.





Really? There’s a time and a place.





These totalitarians in training certainly aren’t getting any real dates, so they’ve decided to make everyone else miserable while they foam at the mouth over a cranky septuagenarian from Vermont.





One of the offenders, Haley Lent, even went so far as to change her app’s location to New Hampshire so that she could find potential primary voters and convince them to vote for Bernie. After contacting dozens of men, she was reported so many times for her obnoxious behavior that Tinder shut her down.


Robyn Gerdich, another crazed fan trolling the app for Bernie, has said, “There’s so many lazy millennials that would never read about Bernie unless someone sent it right to them [on Tinder].” Sadly, she’s probably right.