The world looked on, horrified, as headlines emerged after New Year’s that Middle Eastern immigrants in Germany were responsible for the sexual assault and rape of hundreds of German women. Instead of the proper backlash, many European communities have responded like this, telling their residents they won’t be harassed or raped if they just simply stay away from violent immigrants.

That’s the take from police in Finland, who released a strange video teaching women that they can avoid rapists by using “The Force.” The video quite literally encourages women to try to use an invisible, non-existent energy to ensure their own physical safety. Sadly, this is not a joke.

Some have been quick to remind us that Finland does not permit its citizens to purchase firearms for reasons of self-defense. If the US had the kind of immigration Finland does right now, maybe things would play out a little differently.

This comes even as some countries prepare to deport a portion of their Middle Eastern immigrants.

Maybe that’s a start, but it’s going to take more than “The Force” to protect the women of Europe.