As RedState’s Erick Erickson tweets, President Obama’s ambassador to Iraq is now caught up in a sex scandal. The Daily Mail outlines some of the sordid details of Brett McGurk’s affair with a Wall Street Journal reporter. The affair was unearthed after emails between the two leaked.

The emails, from 2008, are reportedly between Brett McGurk, a top adviser on Iraq to George W.Bush and Gina Chon, who was covering the Iraq War for the WSJ.

The messages, which have not been verified, show the couple’s banter about McGurk’s ‘blue balls’, ‘hooking up’ for the first time, as well as McGurk joking about divulging information and access to Chon.

Of course these marital indiscretions are, likely, forgivable according to the Left. That’s something Twitter remembers well.