Classy lady Meghan McCain can’t figure out why people find her infuriating, but like the meany head Michelle Malkin.

While, you know, Meggie Mac spews out insults at a deceased father of 4.

Here’s a tip for Ms. McCain: Perhaps if every time you popped up in the news you weren’t trashing conservatives in the most asinine ways, they’d be more accommodating towards you.


Sharpton asked when she believed the shift towards the right began, and McCain responded that she thought it was under the Bush administration that blogs became particularly vicious (she made sure to clarify this had nothing to do with President Bush, but that the timing was during his tenure). “I don’t understand the popularity of Michelle Malkin and Andrew Breitbart,” she added, though noting that Democrats had an extremism problem, too. The segment concluded with McCain noting it was a “really scary time” in politics, but ultimately, “you can’t actually kick me out of the Republican Party.”