A young woman traveling with the Occupy movement has reportedly gone missing after stopping over in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the way to her home in New York. She was last heard from at around 8pm on April 27th, according to her parents. Please help spread the word and find this young woman.

The New York Daily News reports:

Darryl Jones doesn’t have plans to celebrate Mother’s Day. At a time when households are honoring the maternal bonds of the family unit, Jones, the boys basketball coach of city-power Satellite Academy in the Bronx, which has won three of the past five city championships in the PSAL’s Alternative League, has a more pressing matter to deal with.

Jones’ daughter is missing, and hasn’t been seen by her family or heard from since April 27. Stevie Bates, a 19-year-old former cheerleader at the Bronx High School of Science, with an infectious smile and shoulder-length blond dreadlocks, was traveling cross-country with a group of friends she met through the Occupy Wall Street movement when she disappeared. Bates was last observed boarding a bus in Pittsburgh destined for New York, where she was supposed to arrive on April 28.

Vivian Bates, who is married to Darryl, last spoke with her daughter on the phone on April 27. According to Vivian, Stevie was at a Greyhound bus station in Pittsburgh during a layover. The time was 7:52 p.m. Stevie hasn’t been heard from since.

“That was her last layover,” Vivian told the Daily News. “I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up at the bus station (back in Manhattan) and she said ‘no.’ She was going to Brooklyn to meet up with some friends. But she never got there. She was coming home later that day.”

That was the last time Vivian Bates and Jones heard from their daughter, who is a 5-6, African-American female, weighs 120 pounds and is distinguished by her dreadlocks and a nose and belly piercing.

…The family filed a missing person’s report with the City of Yonkers Police Department on May 9, according to Eugene Marron, a police dispatcher for the Yonkers Communications Department. Jones and Bates, who live in Yonkers, have received kernels of information in the days since Stevie disappeared. Police in Pittsburgh contacted Vivian on Friday with information that Stevie was captured on video boarding a bus in that city on April 27 during a layover, Vivian said, apparently at about the same Vivian last spoke to her daughter.

“It’s hard,” said Stevie’s older sister, Sherina Bates, who has posted missing person flyers around her Crown Heights neighborhood and spread the word of her disappearance through social media. “It’s not going to be a happy Mother’s Day unless we find her.”

Update: According to one Occupier in New York City, Bates was seen at Union Square this weekend.



We’ll continue to add any new updates to the story. One thing is certain: The plight of families of the missing transcends politics. Period.