Memeing is something best left to people who are, you know, not Nancy Pelosi. The fail is so epic in her attempt to mock Paul Ryan that Fail Blog is officially shutting down after announcing “Nancy Pelosi has become a black hole of fail which has caused all fail to forever collapse in upon her thus making us obsolete.”

Pelosi was apparently trying to get in on the Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan craze by cracking some jokes about how evil & hateful Paul Ryan is… or something. What happened next will probably go down in history as the worst attempt at joke-making EVER.

Avert your eyes if you’re not confident you can handle the personification of unfunny embarrassment.

If you so dare you can check out the rest of the truly awful Pelosi created memes at Naked DC.

Inevitably this miserable failure on Pelosi’s part has launched a thousand mocking tweets and even the hashtag #pelosijokes.

After that distinctly unfunny display, make sure you cleanse your palate with some of the best mocks the Internet ever did mock! Or you could try self-induced vomiting. Whatever it takes.!/amandacarpenter/status/198235152244146176!/ezradulis/status/198234603738234881