Despite its abysmal track record of launching hashtags on Twitter the Obama campaign decided to try again tonight. Thus #WhatsRomneyHiding was born.

Of course the hashtag, which became a worldwide trending topic, hasn’t been used as Obama’s campaign intended. Instead of demands to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns the hashtag is filled with random jokes and tweets mocking Obama. Here are the best #WhatsRomneyHiding tweets.!/mantone1/status/188056275731488768!/Professor_Why/status/188056245956116481!/EMcLean1982/status/188055873644544000!/JLThorpe/status/188058590072938496!/MrPartisan/status/188060177109483520

The fact that the Obama new media campaign team keeps launching hashtags when they’re inevitably going to be taken over and used to mock their candidate is confounding. Is this the worst new media team in politics? What other explanation is there?

UPDATE: Not satisfied with hijacking #WhatsRomneyHiding it seems that conservatives have created the worldwide trending topic #WhatsObamaHiding to further criticize the President.