If you think your taxes are too complicated, then Danny Vinik at The New Republic thinks you’re ridiculous:

A new poll from the Associated Press and GFP Public Affairs & Corporate Communications find some surprising results: Americans don’t think filing their taxes is hard. 58 percent of the 1,012 adults surveyed said filing their tax return was “very easy” or “somewhat easy.” Only 11 percent said it was “very hard” with another 27 percent saying it was “somewhat hard.”

Why aren’t Americans freaking out about tax day? Probably because filling out federal tax forms is pretty easy these days. 43 percent of respondents say they used a computer or website to do so while another 48 percent use a professional tax preparer. Only seven percent fill out tax forms by hand. And the vast majority of Americans (86 percent) are confident their taxes are correct. Just three percent are not confident.

He concludes taxes are so easy that Republicans are wrong to want to simplify them.

Of course, nearly 50% of Americans don’t have any federal tax liability. And millions use software or pay someone to do their taxes. Vinik, apparently, is one of them — or was up until this year:

If even a “community catalyst” and “tent captain” at Duke University needs to hire H&R Block, that tells you something.








Vinik seems to be under the impression that Republicans’ complaints about tax code complexity center on the number of tax brackets.

Daniel Rothschild of R Street Institute (a free market think tank) sets the record straight:

Well said.


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