You can always count on some of the empty-headed parrots in the entertainment field to greedily devour whatever the liberals tell them is true, and then spew it out to their fawning, witless fans. Case in point: Bette Midler showered her more than half a million followers with the debunked statistic that President Obama keeps repeating in order to revive his midterm election hopes:

Not so fast, Bette! While Obama’s propaganda might be the wind beneath your wings, not everyone is so gullible:

Even Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler seemed a little skeptical of the pay-gap argument in 2012, although in the end he awarded the White House only one Pinocchio(!):

The gap is even smaller when you look at hourly wages — it is 86 cents vs. 100 (see Table 9) — but then not every wage earner is paid on an hourly basis, so that statistic excludes salaried workers. But, under this metric for people with a college degree, there is virtually no pay gap at all.

By all accounts, there is a wage gap, but it has declined over the decades — and depending on how the data are viewed, in some cases it barely exists.

Since Obama continues to push the discredited statistic (and his luck), Kessler put out a new rating this morning: two Pinocchios.

Bottom line? It appears that Bette knows as much about economics as she does history and climatology.


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