You have to hand it to the “blame America first” crowd. When the Borscht hits the fan, they’re shameless and fanatical enough to keep blaming America — and, of course, President Bush (in this case, George H. W. Bush). The latest hatred comes from crackpot director Oliver Stone, who has added his love for Russian President Vladimir V. Putin to his previous admiration for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez:

So, basically: It’s all Booosh’s fault.

He doesn’t mean the comparison to Harry S. Truman as a compliment. We’re guessing Stone detests him for approving the use of atomic bombs against Japan — a decision that probably saved hundreds of thousands of American lives and perhaps millions of Japanese lives as well. Somehow, John F. Kennedy is deemed generous and visionary despite his expansion of U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

Does anyone know what exactly Stone’s point about Texas and Mexico is? Is he trying to suggest that Russia’s claim to Crimea is similar to America’s claim on Texas, which Mexico relinquished in 1848? Who knows? Unfortunately, despite our extensive coverage of Cher, we still haven’t mastered crackpot.

That New York Times op-ed says this:

The West has few options for inflicting pain on Russia, while Moscow has many cards to play against Ukraine and the West. It could invade eastern Ukraine or annex Crimea, because Ukraine regrettably relinquished the nuclear arsenal it inherited when the Soviet Union broke up and thus has no counter to Russia’s conventional superiority.

[Emphasis added.]

Maybe Stone agrees with this. Then again, maybe not. But don’t expect him to agree with the articles he cites. This is Oliver Stone, after all.


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