Late Wednesday evening, a torrent of bilingual hate tweets choked Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin’s timeline as the unhinged far Left fan club of deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez sprung into action to wish her death, among other insults. What inspired them was the release of a documentary by liberal filmmaker Oliver Stone. The film fawns and drools over the rotting, corrupt tyrant:

Apparently he included a clip from Malkin that was critical of Hugo, which many didn’t appreciate:

Translation: “This is the Twitter account of the crazy woman who said in the documentary that no one will miss Chavez, and that he is in hell.”

It’s too bad the brainwashed masses believe everything in the movie. We imagine those rising up against the violence, corruption and mismanagement of Venezuela probably won’t find the film as agreeable.


Is this 2013 clip what has them all worked up?


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