With all the problems HealthCare.gov has had with it’s stumbling roll-out, its developers might be feeling better now that Walmart’s web site has experienced an outage. One huge difference: the Walmart site had more than a billion views during the past week:

By comparison, HealthCare.gov claimed 1 million “visits” on Monday:

We’re not sure if “visits” are the same as “views” in fed-speak, but even if this is not an apples-to-apples comparison, it sounds like Walmart is getting a lot more traffic than HealthCare.gov.

According to Twitter users, Walmart’s website crashed just before 9 p.m. ET yesterday evening, and popped back up a little more than an hour later:

One billion views in less than a week followed by a brief one-hour outage? Gonna have to give the edge in this match-up to capitalism.