Just a few weeks ago, the New York Times was still in “cover President Obama’s Obama” mode, as they tried to say Obama merely “misspoke” when he made the same promise dozens of times to the American public, and then broke it. Now it’s becoming clearer just how disastrous a predicament Obama is in, and how Democrats are scurrying in a panic to disassociate themselves with the creator of #DebacleCare. Even the New York Times can’t deny it anymore.

Some on the Left chafed at the comparison:


(According to the Urban Dictionary, AYFKM means “Are You F”n Kidding Me?”)



See what Wonkette writer Kaili Joy Gray did there? Because racism!

And check out this Huffpo reporter huffing and puffing:

But many others thought the Times’ comparison was rather fitting, or not harsh enough on Obama: