James O’Keefe and his truth-seeking squad at Project Veritas already caused some Obamacare navigators to be fired. Some in the media said these were isolated incidents. Perhaps they didn’t realize that Project Veritas wasn’t done with the Obamacare navigators … not just yet!

In this second video, Project Veritas catches the nefarious navigators again counseling Obamacare applicants to under-report their income in order to cheat the system. Don’t trust O’Keefe’s editing? Then check out the raw, unedited video.

Poor James Rainey walked right into that one. Pure pwnage.

And we have a feeling O’Keefe isn’t quite done with the navigators. On Wednesday, he tweeted this:

That’s “videos,” plural. And yesterday he had this message for the MSM:

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

If O’Keefe were a liberal MSM reporter blowing the lid off a Republican president’s landmark legislation, imagine how many journalism awards he would win.

Stay safe, James.


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