hath no insanity like a deranged Obama supporter who can’t conceive of how the smartest president ever could have utterly face-planted on the Obamacare website roll-out. There must be another explanation!

Fresh from the festering fever-swamps of the liberal intellectual wastelands comes the conspiracy so well-hidden there’s absolutely no evidence for it. Tie on your tinfoil hats, comrades, we’re through the looking glass on the evil Kochspiracy …

It’s obvious! It’s everywhere! The egg says so! Listen to the egg!!

Yes, it’s Koch-funded “techy-smart” people performing acts of cyberterror! Their fingerprints are all over it! They are literally figuratively all over the website!

Wait, wait … let’s calm down and think about this rationally:

Oh. Right.

On the other hand…

Yeah … uh … what he said.