As always, liberals are acting out their butthurt feelings on Twitter. A few weeks ago it was a “let’s wish death on our political opponents’ children” theme (see here and here), and it appears that this week it’s “let’s mock and deride the World War II veterans trying to see the monument erected for their service.” First it was NY mag’s Jonathan Chait, then Ben Jacobs of The Daily Beast, and now we have a late entrant in Sam Stein of The Huffington Post making a play for the gold medal in liberal douchebaggery!

It only took three words from Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds to annihilate Stein.

That. Was. Beautiful.

Even though Reynolds absolute devastated Stein’s stupidly self-righteous point, he continued to press on bravely in his own abject ignorance. They just can’t help themselves, can they?

And belittling the honoring of heroes helps the poor … how exactly?