Internet troll and occasional comedian Joe Mande spent the day retweeting people who were praying for Ted Cruz — because merely retweeting them is a sign to his dullard followers that prayer is hilarious. This is the same “comedian” who retweeted companies’ remembrances on 9/11 — because that’s stupid too.

When the Twitchy team documented his juvenile attempt at mocking Ted Cruz directly (apparently his followers weren’t catching on with the subtle retweeting), he lashed out at Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin, with this pathetic Photoshop in an attempt to demean her:


This is also the same guy who criticized basketball player Gilbert Arenas for posting sexist content on his Twitter account. Yeah. Sexist content. On his Twitter account.

The blatant hypocrisy was so obvious, even his followers might have caught on, so Mande deleted the tweet.

Actually, it worked. His followers are too stupid to follow a conversation: